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There is a new movement building. It is comprised of all political viewpoints and designed to take our country back from the big moneyed interests that have almost ruined our democracy.

Here is a very informative article that should be a MUST READ for every gun owner who has kids at home. Check out the entire website as well. Lots of good information here for gun enthusiasts.


Get the latest information on guns, gear, news, safety, and product reviews here at Gunbacker. Lots of good information here. has put together a basic gun safety guide with precautions and shooting statistics. Good stuff to remember.

Oregon Working Families Party.
Oregon Working Familes

Pay attention to these people. They are working people, school parents, small business owners, family farmers, representatives of community groups and labor unions Oregonians from all walks of life and all areas of the state who are building a Working Families Party in Oregon. A real alternative to the moneyed class and their well-fed pet politicians.

Kiva is an online organization that lets average Americans make small micro-loans to tiny businesses in underdeveloped countries. You can select who you want to loan to and the amount. Their payback rate is very high and the results have been excellent.

I've become something of a Ruger fan of late. I now have six Rugers in my growing arsenal and all of them have proved to be excellent, trouble-free firearms. Anyone who appreciates a high quality, American made firearm would have trouble doing better than Ruger products.

Arsenal (Bulgaria) makes some of the finest AK pattern rifles in the world. I finally opted for the SAM7SF. Amazing rifle. Best milled receiver AK you can get.

I decided to get myself a tat and looked around Portland for a highly rated shop that was full of really talented artists and was clean and worry-free. I found New Rose and couldn't be happier. They were able to take a tat virgin like me and make me feel right at home. I'd recommend this shop to anybody looking for first class ink.

Magpul: Maker of highest quality, state-of-the-art, American made firearms products from magazines, stocks, grips, sights, slings, clothing, books and accessories for military, law enforcement and civilian tactical weapons users.

Black Rifle Works, Ltd.

A great online source for AR-15/M-16 parts, accessories, tools, etc. for our favorite little black rifle.

I first learned about this group while I was watching television and then visited their web site. Some of the stuff these folks dig up, uncover and expose to the public will blow you away. This group is really trying to do some good for all of us and are worthy of a donation now and then.

A very good resource for Ruger firearms owners. Lots of knowledgeable people on this forum.

AR-15 Armory

Open forums for firearms enthusiasts. Especially if you like the AR-15. Lots of info on this site.

National Rifle Association

I've heard all the arguments about why these guys are bad. None of it is true. The NRA is all about responsible firearm ownership and personal rights. Often they have been the only thing standing between what the Fed's idea of a free country is and what the rest of us think.

Oregon Shakespeare Festival

Some of the best theater you can find anywhere. Besides that, it is located in the beautiful southern Oregon town of Ashland. It is very popular, so order tickets early!

An organization for all of us freelancers (and there is a lot of us). Membership is free. Health insurance is available at a reasonable cost, you can interconnect with other freelancers, find and post gigs, and get involved with the political end of supporting your right to work.

When some government flack or mega-corporation keeps trying to change the nations laws to suit themselves, who you gonna call?

Evergreen Aviation Museum

If you like antique airplanes (C'mon, who doesn't like old planes?), visit this site and be sure to make it out to McMinnville, Oregon to visit the actual museum. Pretty amazing.

Artists Repertory Theater

Amazingly good local theater. Prices are affordable and the playlist has something for any live theater lover.

At Last! A religion you can really sink your teeth into (pardon the pun). No more steely-eyed ice cold facts from the evolutionists and no more goofball lunacy from the creationists. We now have a real choice in belief systems. This movement is growing like a weed with new sites popping up all the time. This is the original FSM site. Check it out. Maybe you will too will be "touched by his noodly appendage" and become a Pastafarian.

Third Rail Repertory Theater

Here is another really good local theater group. Lots of talent and great prices.

American Motorcyclist Association

This is the organization that keeps it real for American bikers. If you are a rider, you owe it to yourself and your riding buddies to join up.


Funny, creative stuff from both sides of the political aisle.

Oregon Motorcycle Road Racing Association

Race schedule, racer information, rules, lap times, race results and anything else you want to know about the Oregon motorcycle road racing scene. Lots of links to other road racing sites.

Joe Cartoon

This site is not for everyone. Especially the easily offended. However, Joe is one of the best and funniest Flash animators I have ever run across and if you can handle it, his humor is amazing. Remember the 'Frog in the Blender'? This is the guy that made it.

Portland Center Stage

Excellent local theater. Great performances, good prices.


Need a wordsmith? Geoff Hetrick at can help you say it so it makes sense. He can help you with search engines as well.

The Renault 4CV project

Among other notable examples that come under the heading of Bad Ideas, was my one and only attempt at restoring an old car. This page is not about me, but instead it is about the guy who finally took the car off my hands and turned it into a show winning work of art.

Despair, Inc.

This company creates a whole bunch of imaginative products geared directly towards today's totally thoughtless business management style. You'll find something here that fits into your office perfectly.

243rd ASHC, Dong Ba Thin, Vietnam

One of the guys from my old Vietnam unit has put up a site dedicated to the members of the 243rd ASHC who crewed and maintained the CH-47 Chinooks back during "our" war. Plenty of photos, vids, and history.

Vietnam Veterans of America
A good source for all things related to veterans who served in the Vietnam war. Good source for info about Agent Orange.

Vietnam Veterans Against the War

A good site for us Vietnam vets who are still trying to figure out what the hell happened.

Together We

A fast growing site that lets us former soldiers generate a profile and locate and connect with buddies from the past.  Lotsa war stories.

Veterans Administration

The Veterans Administration site is a good resource for all veterans seeking information related to their time in service and available benefits. Veteran health issues discussed here.

For mesothelioma patients and their  loved ones, free resources, education, support, and hope

Pleural Mesothelioma

This site offers a lot of information and resources for sufferers (including veterans) of Pleural Mesothelioma. Everything from disease identification symptoms through treatment options and availability and even legal options.

Mesothelioma Symptoms

More information and resources for victims of mesothelioma. Veterans - This disease could have a serious effect on your health. Learn more about symptoms and treatment options on this site.

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