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Born and raised in Portland, Oregon, I have been involved in some kind of artwork most of my life. Mostly drawing, painting and calligraphy. My work in college was related to commercial and fine arts studies. Starting with a creaky old 386 in 1989, I soon became fascinated with what could be created digitally and began to spend more and more time generating artwork on computers.

Since 1996, I have tried to concentrate my efforts primarily on web graphics and site design. Prior to that time most my projects involved creating graphics for print media. In July of 1997 I started with CustomSoft as their only graphic designer. CustomSoft's projects consisted of creating client web sites, software interface graphics, and some print material.

In October of 1999 I accepted a position with as their only graphic designer. Their business involved the creation of e-commerce sites for a variety of clients with a wide range of project sizes. In a short time I became their Art Director with a staff of four other graphic designers. When all of the dotcoms began crashing in the summer of 2000, soon followed suit. In September of that year I became an independent contractor and have been so ever since.

Me (on left) and my brother Dave in the early 1953.  The original crash test dummies.
Me (on left) and my brother Dave back in 1953.
We were the original crash test dummies

During the last twenty years the scope of my work has grown beyond web site design to include various types of printed projects, logo design, tradeshow booth graphics, product labeling, silkscreen design, signage, and even presentation development. This seems to have come about because some of my clients had other graphics requirements besides web site work and approached me about them. While I still much prefer to create new web sites, the other types of projects have helped me to grow my skill level and let me offer additional value to my clients.

Some of my web site work can be viewed on the portfolio page. If you are interested in working with me on a design project of any kind, please click on 'contact' and send me an email.

You may also stop by the 'personal links' page to visit other sites that have a special interest for me.

I have finally retired and moved out to Happy Valley, Oregon.


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