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>>> RETIRED-ED <<<

I have officially and finally retired in 2019. Decided to hang up my mouse and go have a little old age fun. I'll leave this site up for a while, and still take care of my old customers when they need something done, but my business is officially closed at this time.
Contact me if you need to.
See you on the beach!


Web site design and development

The primary focus here at Stafford Design is the design and creation of new web sites for small to medium sized businesses. This includes anything from a simple showcase site to a full-blown online commerce enabled site. Every site is custom made with original artwork to meet each client's specific requirements. Additionally, pages are coded to assist with search engine optimization. As a private contractor, I am able work independently, with one of my partners, alongside my client's own in-house staff or with an outside agency to develop the web site quickly and inexpensively.


Web site updating and continuing maintenance

Site maintenance and update services have grown to become an important part of my business. Many of my clients don't have the time, staff, or expertise to keep their web sites current. They have come to rely on me to make sure their site material is fresh and updated to the state of their business as well as technically current to the state of the Internet. This is especially true with the ever changing requirements for search engine optimization. Often these types of updates are quick to do and very cost effective for my customers.


Print graphics, logo design, presentations, and photography

In addition to creating new web sites or redesigning existing sites, I have expanded in recent years to also offer graphic design services for all manner of printed projects from corporate letterhead, business cards, flyers and brochures through product labeling, clothing and silkscreen design, showbooth design, signage and large format printing. My services include logo design and dynamic digital presentations as well. On any type of project, I can offer digital photography and photo image enhancement services should they be needed.


Customer service, availability and reliability

My clients have come to rely on my availability to them. When they need something done, they know they can reach me directly through telephone or email and their needs will be taken care of without delay.

While there are many people who can create web pages, there are far fewer who can do so artistically or with any basic sense of good design combined with ease of site navigation, site functionality and search engine optimization. Providing this is the driving force behind every project here at Stafford Design. As any good marketing manager knows, to present one's company image well and make that all important first impression is half the battle in winning and keeping new business.

You can review completed projects examples of my work on the portfolio page. Visit a few links to learn a little bit more about things that interest me. If you would like to get in touch with me, please stop by the contact page.

Thank you for visiting my site.




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